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100x100 squares of feathery goodness

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Luxicons: a repository for icons by selasphorus.

It came to my realization that I make a lot of icons. No, really, a LOT of icons. So I figured it might be a good idea to put them all in one place, for my own organizational sake as well as for the convenience of anyone who might want to use them.

SO! Welcome to luxicons, a journal for icons made by selasphorus. Here's the rules, common sense as they may be:

1.) Give me due credit. Crediting icons helps others find my work; they can look at an icons page and see who made the icon. Just put my username (either this or my real LJ) in the comments field and all is well and I am happy. If you're using them somewhere other than LJ (like a bulletin board) or clone journal services, link back to this journal if at all possible to do so.
2.) I take requests. But I might not always be able to get them done due to difficulty of subject matter, time constraints, or issues like that. Please be courteous of that. Though I will admit sometimes I need to be poked to remember to get to something.
3.) If you like them, please comment and say so. You don't have to, but it makes me happy to know the work (both in making the icons and organizing the post to share them) is appreciated.
4.) The source material from which I make these icons is copyright its creators. No infringement is intended with the usage for 100x100 pixel icons.

I excel at animal icons, especially birds. Maybe there's not that much demand for them, but hey, I love doing them.

Enjoy the icons!